X PRIZE CUP前売り券売れ行き好調!

★→X PRIZE CUP 2005探訪記をまとめ読み!

X PRIZE Foundationから届いたプレスリリースによると、2005年10月9日にアメリカはニューメキシコ州Las Cruces International Airportで行われるthe Countdown to the X PRIZE CUPの前売りチケットの売れ行きが好調らしい。

X PRIZE CUP Advance Ticket Sales Exceeding Expectations
Santa Monica, CA (September 22, 2005). With three weeks to go until the Countdown to the X PRIZE CUP ticket sales are exceeding expectations.

“When tickets went on sale just over two weeks ago we weren’t sure what to expect” said Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation. “We expected a strong showing at the event, but the early surge in ticket sales is very exciting.”




Ø PickQuick Convenience Stores (Las Cruces)
Ø New Mexico Museum of Space History (Alamogordo)
Ø Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce (Alamogordo)
Ø Las Cruces City Hall (Las Cruces)
Ø Pan American Center Box Office (Las Cruces)
Ø Sierra County Economic Development Office (Truth or Consequences)

ちなみに、まだ微妙に未定ですが、筆者もX PRIZE CUPに行く予定です!